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This site explores ways of combining my two great loves, writing and photography. The internet is awash with images from the truly exceptional to the sadly poor. Picture editors and designers have an almost infinite choice of images. Combining photographs with writing, whether that is a detailed caption or a complete article makes them more saleable. Writers who are also able to produce publishable pictures also benefit from increased demand for their work.


I have been a professional photographer for forty years and over that timehave seen photography emerge from the secretive darkroom where mystical arts were practiced into the digital light. Now anyone with a decent mobile phone can at least produce an image. Almost as soon as digital photography became affordable I found myself using it and then teaching courses on it in adult education.

Toddler looking at coachman in Vienna
Are you Father Christmas?

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I have been writing seriously for about six years and, thanks to the Open University, I am still learning and improving. You will find some of my short stories and poetry under.

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Combining Writing & Photography

If you want to see hundreds of my images visit my Photography Catalogue (Warning contains some fine art nude, fetish and erotic photography).

Ghostly nude glimpsed through a window
A ghostly nude figure glimpsed through an old fashioned wooden window. This image is a photomontage.