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Writing photo captions is simple. All you need are the six Ws who, what, where, when, why and how (OK so the w in how is at the end).

Qolşärif mosque Kazan Writing photo captions article
The Qolşärif mosque was opened in 2005 It is built on the site of a previous mosque that was established in the 16th century and destroyed whenIvan the Terrible conquered Kazan in 1552

The caption under the photograph of the Qosarif mosque in Kazan uses most of these but if you click on the picture you will see a different version.

Why Different Versions?

If you are producing a general caption for a picture, e.g. an image that is being sold by a stock agency then include as much information as possible. An editor can always remove surplus information but it is difficult to add.

Write Photo Captions For Different Publications

If you have a specific market or publication in mind then tailor your caption to that audience.

The photo of the Black Prince below is captioned for general publication. A railway magazine may want more technical details and history. The extended caption on the right is aimed at local interest or tourist publications.

9F 2-10-0 92203 Black Prince Steam Engine Writing photo captions article
9F 2-10-0 92203 Black Prince at Sheringham station on the North Norfolk Railway. This heavy goods loco was built in 1953 is preserved in BR black livery and was owned by the artist David Shepherd.

Weighing nearly 140 tons this clanking, steaming, smoking heavy goods locomotive spent its short working life hauling 1500 ton iron ore trains on Merseyside. Continue reading →

Adding Photo Captions

Programs are available which enable you to embed the caption in the metadata of the image. I use Adobe Lightroom to add keywords and  a title and caption to my photographs.

Planes Portfolio

P51D Ferocious Frankie
Old Flying Machine Company’s P51D Ferocious Frankie in the colours of the 374th Fighter Sqn, 361st Fighter Group Civil Reg G-BTCD

Trains Portfolio

LNER B12 Steam Locomotive
Express passenger locomotive built in 1928 and preserved on the North Norfolk Railway in LNER apple green livery.

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