Black Prince Steam Engine

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Black Prince 9F Steam Engine 92203

Writing Captions

Writing a captions is easy right? Just put in what’s in the photo. As the saying goes ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. So why duplicate what is in the photo? It is what is not there that is more important. And then we need to consider our audience. The average person might not spot the ‘mistake’ in the title of this post but and enthusiast might.

General Interest Caption

     Weighing nearly 140 tons this clanking, steaming, smoking heavy goods locomotive spent its short working life hauling 1500 ton iron ore trains on Merseyside. Now the Black Prince steam engine easily pulls a few coaches (about 160 tons) from Sheringham to Holt and back on the North Norfolk Railway.
Numbered 92203 this loco was bought for £3000 from British Railways by the artist David Shepherd who named her Black Prince. The preserved loco was used on several heritage railways and in 1982 pulled the heaviest ever steam hauled freight train in Britain (2178 tonnes). Not bad for an engine built in 1959 and retired in 1967.

More detail for the enthusiast

Class 9F 92203 2-10-0 was built at Swindon in 1959. Fitted with a double chimney the locomotive entered service at the St Phillips’s Marsh depot in April of that year. In September 1960 it moved to Old Oak common and then on to Banbury in May 1963. It’s final move was to Birkenhead in 1966 where it hauled the last steam hauled iron-ore train from Bidston docks to Shotton steelworks on 6th November 1967.

It was withdrawn shortly after its last overhaul at the Crewe works and purchased by the artist David Shepherd for £3000. Initially it resided at the Longmoor Steam Railway where it was named Black Prince. In 1973 it moved to The East Somerset Railway and then after a boiler overhaul 1979 it was loaned to a number of heritage railways including the North Norfolk Railway who purchased it in 2015


North Norfolk Railway

Preserved British Steam Locomotives

Oh and the mistake? Black Prince is a locomotive. It has an engine powered by steam. Not really a mistake as ‘steam engine’ is in common use to describe a steam locomotive that pulls a train.

Black Prince 9F Steam Engine 92203
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