Breakfast at he Holiday Inn Humorous observational poem

Breakfast at the Holiday Inn

Illustrated Poetry, My Writing

A short curvy waitress,
whose legs open a little to casually.
Blonde hair tied
in an efficient ponytail.
Her true self only revealed
by the black roots at her scalp

Serves an Asian man with closely cropped hair.
His face defined by a short beard that is only
two days past a five o’clock shadow.
Thick dark eyebrows and wide brown eyes
Make him look like he is drawn on an egg.

A bland businessman in crumpled grey suit
sits with his chin resting on the heel of his hand
two fingers pointing to temple
as if to shoot himself

The Sparrow like girl pecks at a piece of buttered toast.
The toes of her red sneakers touching the floor
like a ballet dancer on point.
as she picks a crumb from her cinnamon jeans

A blue whale in vibrant turquoise blouse
circles the breakfast buffet
Pudgy hand grasping her plate she begins to graze
Three sausages, bacon, a spoon of scrambled eggs
She pauses; there is more on offer
Beans form streams of orange lava
down the slopes of potato waffles
as she sits
and begins to climb the mountain.

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