Adding Photo Captions

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Writing a caption is simple. All you need are the six Ws who, what, where, when, why and how (OK so the w in how is at the end).

The Qolşärif mosque Kazan, Tatarstan, Russian Federation

Tourists can visit the Qolşärif mosque in the Kremlin of the Russian Federation city of Kazan opened in 2005. It is built on the site of a previous mosque that was established in the 16th century and destroyed when Ivan the Terrible conquered Kazan in 1552

The caption under the photograph of the Qosarif mosque in Kazan uses most of these but if you click on the picture you will see a different version.

Why Different Versions?

If you are producing a general caption for a picture, e.g. an image that is being sold by a stock agency then include as much information as possible. An editor can always remove surplus information but it is difficult to add.

If you have a specific market or publication in mind then tailor your caption to that audience.

Black Prince Steam Engine

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Black Prince 9F Steam Engine 92203

Writing Captions

Writing a captions is easy right? Just put in what’s in the photo. As the saying goes ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. So why duplicate what is in the photo? It is what is not there that is more important. And then we need to consider our audience. The average person might not spot the ‘mistake’ in the title of this post but and enthusiast might.

Captioning Aircraft Photos

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Nigel Wilson and his Yak 52 G-BXJB at Old Buckenham

Captioning aircraft photos can be a bit daunting especially if you are not an aircraft nut and barely know the difference between a Boeing and a Bolkow.

Qolsharif Mosque Kazan

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Qolsharif Mosque Kazan
Qolsharif Mosque Kazan

Kazan is the capital of the semi autonomous republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation. The Qolsarif  Mosque is a relatively new addition to the Kremlin in the city.