Breakfast at he Holiday Inn Humorous observational poem

Breakfast at the Holiday Inn

Illustrated Poetry, My Writing

A short curvy waitress,
whose legs open a little to casually.
Blonde hair tied
in an efficient ponytail.
Her true self only revealed
by the black roots at her scalp

Longing For a Full Colour Life

Illustrated Poetry, My Writing

Humorous illustrated poetry

Longing For a Full Colour Life

She stands alone before sink and bowl
And feels the ache within her soul
The hand that once caressed her there
Rests on the arm of favourite chair

White Goods

Illustrated Poetry, My Writing

Oh my stomach’s churning.
Rather full you see.
In fact stuffed.
Gurgle, glug, hiss.
It makes the most embarrassing sounds.

It’s her fault of course.
Fed me too much again.
All sorts. Just mixed together.
No respect for my system.
Round and round it goes like a wad of wet clothes.

She laughs
and presses herself against me
as I vibrate
across the kitchen.
Trying to shake things loose.

Boxing Day

Illustrated Poetry, My Writing

Boxing Day
Frost shivers in cold misty air and drips from the trees
The sun peers round heavy grey clouds.
In their homes people lie as if dead; stuffed with turkey and booze.
We walk, my dog and I, through a suspended world.