Combining Writing and Photography

Combining writing and photography

Selling Photographs

Is combining writing and photography essential? As a professional photographer I have sold thousands of images without words. If you want to see thousands of my images visit (Warning – contains fine art nude, glamour and fetish photographs).

Stock photography by Simon Pocklington at Alamy

There are some very good sites that help you sell your work. In addition to my own site I use Fine Art America for print sales and Alamy to sell my stock photography for publication but the competition is immense. Alamy boasts 145 million images and Fine Art America has 500,000 artists and photographs contributing to it.

The advantage to the photographer is that  these sites run globally, 24/7, and reach buyers that an individual never could.

Using stock sites magazine and website editors can buy a picture of almost anything cheaply and easily. The only disadvantage to them is that, unless the images are rights managed, they could appear in a rival publication at the same time. With access to libraries of pictures editors are much more likely to look at submissions that consist of pictures and words.

Adding Words – Combining Writing and Photography

Combining writing and photography makes you pictures more saleable and more interesting. The first photograph I ever sold was of a craftsman who produced decorative leather goods. It was accompanied by a short single page article on the craftsman and his work. I never got the £5 fee (about £50 in todays money) and the magazine is long since defunct. Writing complete magazine articles involves research into both the publications and the subject of the article.

Black Prince steam engine

Sometimes just adding a caption helps.. The list below shows posts on captioned and captioning photos

or you can write a complete article.

Take better Photographs

Exposure settings and composition include free to download handouts used on my photography courses.


Portfolios of my photographs. Interested in Creative Nude Photography? Visit Looking Through Glass

A full catalogue of y work is available at (Warning – contains fine art nude, glamour and fetish photographs).

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