Composition or Technique?

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A lot of people feel that they are missing something if they do not know about the technical aspects of photography. They worry what all those f’s and hundredths mean; is there some black art to which they have not been initiated? What you should be worrying about is composition.

When I type on this computer keyboard words appear on the screen. I know very little about the technical process that makes this happen and it has very little effect on the quality of my writing. If this is rubbish it is because I typed rubbish (no comments please). If the computer has enough capacity to do the task, I have the right programs installed and I know which buttons to press, that is all I need to know.

Modern digital cameras have brought photography to the same level. Automatic exposure and focusing systems have freed even professional photographers from a lot of the technical aspects of picture taking; letting us concentrate even more on the picture.

Yes, I know there are times when human intervention into the automatic controls is required – more on that in another post.

The biggest single factor in producing a ‘good’ picture is not technical expertise, it is not even the subject, it is how you place that subject in the picture – the composition.

Composition This link will open a free downloadable illustrated PDF on composition.

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