Street Photography

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Street photography isn’t always about accosting strangers or sticking a camera in an unsuspecting subjects face. The most useful talent a photographer can possess is the ability to observe and predict the subjects actions. To wait for Cartier-Bresson’s  decisive moment.

The most important piece of kit a street photographer needs is – a camera. Always carry one.

When film ruled many photographers used a Leica 35mm camera and often, to avoid bringing it up to their eye and alerting the subject could shoot from waist level. This was before auto focus and auto exposure was invented.

Rollie twin lens reflex cameras were also popular as a picture could be taken by glancing down at the screen with the camera held at waist level.

Now we can mimic this action using adjustable screens. Phones are also ideal – raise a large DSLR to your eye and people, often your subjects, politely duck out of the way. Raise a phone to take a picture and no body bothers.

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