Beginners guide to photography composition

Beginners Guide to Photography Composition

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Photography composition effects our reaction to the mages we see daily. It is not a complicated process that needs to be learnt by rote. To improve the composition of your photographs you merely need to be aware of compositional elements.

Leaving Space For Text (copy space)

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Many years ago, when the only things that were digital were your fingers or your watch, I won a photographic magazine’s cover girl competition. Not me personally you understand – one of my photographs.

A couple of weeks later an excited young photographer and his girlfriend, who just happened to be the scantily clad subject of the winning photograph, arrived at a posh Park Lane hotel for the prize giving. I don’t remember much about the event apart from one rather disparaging comment from the editor. ‘Your picture won because you were the only one who left space for the title.’ This was probably not the most tactful thing to say to an aspiring young photographer about his first competition win.

The Concept – Taking Better Photographs

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Taking better photographs depends on a lot of factors. I recently took part in a critique where a photographer put up a technically perfect but aesthetically boring picture of a nude. He commented that he had no concept or message when taking the picture but would like to do more ‘artistic’ work. I suggested that if he worked on having the former then the latter might naturally flow.

Photographic Composition

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This article has now been updated and superseded by The Beginners Guide to Photography Composition

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Composition or Technique?

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A lot of people feel that they are missing something if they do not know about the technical aspects of photography. They worry what all those f’s and hundredths mean; is there some black art to which they have not been initiated? What you should be worrying about is composition.