Combining Writing and Photography

Selling Photographs

The first photograph I ever sold was of a craftsman who produced decorative leather goods. It was accompanied by a short single page article on the craftsman and his work. I never got the £5 fee (about £50 in todays money) and the magazine is long since defunct.

As a professional photographer I have sold hundreds of images without words (If you want to see hundreds of my images visit my catalogue site*) but magazine and website editors are much more likely to accept articles that consist of pictures and words.

Combining Writing and Photography

Writing complete magazine articles involves research into both the publications and the subject of the article.

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How To Get Paid To Write For Magazines

If you are a writer wanting to improve their photography look under  techniques to download some handouts I used my photography courses, re-written and brought up to date. You will find some new posts in about photography which will help you think about why you take photographs, which cameras might be useful, and what you aim to do with your pictures.


*Warning my catalogue site contains some fine art nude, fetish and erotic photography